Category: Fantasy

Bloodsworn: Book 1 of the Avatars of Ruin by Tej Turner (Book Review #874)

Blood Sworn is a dark fantasy action-adventure set in a euro-centric secondary world. It is the first book of the Avatars of Ruin series, and it begins with Kyra running late for the males of Jalard are recruiting, and she really wants to be… Continue Reading “Bloodsworn: Book 1 of the Avatars of Ruin by Tej Turner (Book Review #874)”

The Last Angel Warrior John W. Wells III (Book Review #860)

The last angel warriors is a young adult science fiction and fantasy story about Kalib. Everything is good and expected for this 16-year-old until someone comes into his town called Hainesville.

Salt, Sand, and Blood by Marquese Liddle (Book review #859)

Salt, sand, and blood is a dark fantasy fiction about a prophet named Kashim. His prophecies are the stories of Adam and Adnihilo.

Omeron by Alexander Davis (Book Review #858)

Omeron is a beautiful story about Jaron and Ren. Their bond and friendship are solid. Jaron owes his life to Ren because he saves him from slavery. Ren’s ambition is to join the hero of legend. They both follow a half-human half-monster called Zeron… Continue Reading “Omeron by Alexander Davis (Book Review #858)”

Rejecting Destiny by Dennis Scheel (Book Review #835)

Rejecting destiny is a dark fantasy story. It is the third book of the series in the underworld’s series. The story begins with Denida and Nina grieving over their son’s murder. Both are in despair and deal with the issue differently. Denida has the… Continue Reading “Rejecting Destiny by Dennis Scheel (Book Review #835)”


The interstellar mission is a sci-fi novel situated in space. It begins with Queen Kalandriak, who is an alien ruler over a race called the Xurakai. Kalandriak’s intentions are clear. She wants to dominate the universe. The more control she has over space and… Continue Reading “THE INTERSTELLAR MISSION – THE EARTH DEFENCE LEAGUE by TSHEKEDI WALLACE (Book Review #846)”

Roar Carlos by E. Vargas (Book Review #781)

Roar is a fantasy book about Ella, a 10-year-old girl who lives on a farm with her older brother, Maurice. She loves the farm life and is very happy. However, things don’t last long after her brother disappears one day. Things around the farm… Continue Reading “Roar Carlos by E. Vargas (Book Review #781)”

Sons of Adam by E. A. Rohrmoser (Book Review #767)

Sons of Adam is a mythical journey of self-discovery. The literary fiction has elements of magical realism framed around the Abrahamic narrative of Adam and Eve. The story describes the emotions, journey and faith of a man and a woman influenced by love and… Continue Reading “Sons of Adam by E. A. Rohrmoser (Book Review #767)”

Zepharius: Volume 2 by Mel Snyder (Book Review #748)

The second book in the series is a xenophilic political thriller continuing what was left from book one. After Zepharius finding allies in the underground of the Gisaawekian, she finds herself endangered again with the added inner turmoil, paranoia, and complications undermining her own… Continue Reading “Zepharius: Volume 2 by Mel Snyder (Book Review #748)”