Category: Fantasy

Keisha and the Rise of the Legacy by T.R. Tells (Book Review #1341)

‘Keisha and the Rise of the Legacy’ is a fantasy story about Keisha Alighieri, a 14-year-old who travels to the Inferno world in an attempt to save her kidnapped mother, only to realize that her father, Dante and his bloodline are all hunters and… Continue Reading “Keisha and the Rise of the Legacy by T.R. Tells (Book Review #1341)”

Lethal Keystrokes by John D. May (Book Review #1326)

Lethal Keystrokes is an action thriller story that highlights the threat we face from all the individuals who wish to seek revenge over personal matters and use our vulnerability in order to achieve their goals.

Sin Eater by Amanda Denham (Book Review #1296)

Sin Eater is a Contemporary fantasy story filled with paranormal and urban elements. The story begins with Jayde Holloway and her ability to wipe out memories. For some, this could be a great power to have, but for her, it’s not. Especially when she… Continue Reading “Sin Eater by Amanda Denham (Book Review #1296)”

Death at Dusbar College by Laura DiNovis Berry (Book Review #1295)

Death at Dusbat College is a beautiful story written about Cristiano visiting his aunt, hoping to learn about magic at the magical Dusbar College. When the Grand Magician passes away, Cristiano has a riddle to solve, becoming the premise of this exciting story.

Death at Dusbar College by  Laura DiNovis Berry (Book Review #1286)

Death at Dusbar College is a fantasy magical story about Cristiano and how he has to solve the Grand Magician’s riddle at the magical Dusbar College. The story is filled with mystery, and the world-building is described well. The characters and their personalities mesh… Continue Reading “Death at Dusbar College by  Laura DiNovis Berry (Book Review #1286)”

Ékleipsis: the Abyss (Book Review #1285)

Ékleipsis: the Abyss is the second short story collection filled with suspense, horror, and fiction. Since I had read book one, I was expecting the same quality of writing and penmanship. The author definitely did not disappoint. The premise of the stories was all… Continue Reading “Ékleipsis: the Abyss (Book Review #1285)”

The Rescue by Sher J. Stultz (Book Review #1284)

The Rescue is book one of the Timestream Travelers Chronicles. The story is set in West Seattle, Aeneas Entwistle and begins with Aeneas, a 14-year-old boy who discovers that he has the ability to time travel. It is the year 2015, and Aeneas gets… Continue Reading “The Rescue by Sher J. Stultz (Book Review #1284)”

And Time Stopped by Kristen L Jackson (Book Review #1283)

And time stopped is a young adult story filled with many swords, sorcery, and fantasy material. This is a book in a series, and I would recommend you start reading the series from the beginning. Even though the prologue covers pretty much what you… Continue Reading “And Time Stopped by Kristen L Jackson (Book Review #1283)”

Howl of the Ice by Christian Raymond (Book Review #1281)

Howl of the ice is a teen and young adult fantasy story. The story begins by letting you know how Falc dislikes frozen lakes and ice but is willing to go with Grandpa to a seasonal ice fishing shanty town atop Lake Blackbird.