Category: Fantasy

Of Shade and Shadow by Niamh Schmid and Rebecca Schmid (Book Review #995)

Of shade and shadow is a fantasy story written about princess Astra and her struggles coming to terms with the war ending and controlling her powers. If that wasn’t enough, she also has to team with Louko, a prince, and bear his sarcastic comments… Continue Reading “Of Shade and Shadow by Niamh Schmid and Rebecca Schmid (Book Review #995)”

Cycles of the Phoenix: The Whole Interlaced Souls Series by C.A. Nicholas (Book Review #987)

Cycles of the Phoenix is an exciting story that is divided into three parts. The book contains elements of fantasy, literary, horror, action, and drama. The story pleasantly surprises you as the collection covers so many various themes and storylines. You would really see… Continue Reading “Cycles of the Phoenix: The Whole Interlaced Souls Series by C.A. Nicholas (Book Review #987)”

The Shape of Stars Unknown (The Aldarfall Saga Book 1) by Sybil Le Pyrmont (Book Review #972)

The shape of stars unknown is a fantasy adventure story filled with drama and supernatural elements. It all begins with Silver Laing meeting Julian and coming across a paranormal revelation that changes everything.

Godonism by Theo Von Cezar (Book Review #967)

Godonism is a sci-fi dystopian fantasy story about Ahma and Jovian. Life is very ordinary for both of them until they meet a paranormal being, an angel, offering them a different life and quest. Mistakes are not accepted here.

Dreams of Thunder by Christian Cura (Book Review #940)

Dreams of thunder is a fantasy story about a young girl, Saba, seeking revenge over his grandfather’s loss. This is book two of its series. The adult fantasy continues with intrigue, adventure, and action. Saba learns the truth about herself and plans to take… Continue Reading “Dreams of Thunder by Christian Cura (Book Review #940)”

Orestin’s Own by L. Alyssa Austin (Book Review #933)

Orestin’s Own is a dark fantasy novel. “A prophecy is discovered foretelling a war between gods that will consume all of Everra. A young priestess named Caelesta joins Mycellane, a frail historian, and SOLARYS, an aging Knight, on a journey to take a despised… Continue Reading “Orestin’s Own by L. Alyssa Austin (Book Review #933)”

Shackles of the Storm by D. and L. Kardenal (Book Review #924)

Shackles of the storm is the first book in the Spirits of Seiran series. The story is set in the city of Kahlaran, which is a seaside port city. The story begins with Zaira, the adopted daughter of a perfumer accused of a double… Continue Reading “Shackles of the Storm by D. and L. Kardenal (Book Review #924)”

Captain Arnold and Other Tales of the Abnormal by Arthur M. Doweyko (Book Review #930)

Captain Arnold is a collection of stories that embodies elements of paranormal, urban fantasy, and science fiction. The book is geared towards the younger adult group and begins with Captain Arnold.

Church of the Assassin by Ross Harrison (Book Review #918)

Church of the assassin is the fifth book in the Nexus series. It is a thriller story about an assassin named Alexiares who has survived a deadly attack from her own sect. She inherits a baby, and while she only knows how to fix… Continue Reading “Church of the Assassin by Ross Harrison (Book Review #918)”