Category: Fantasy

Ékleipsis: the Abyss (Book Review #1285)

Ékleipsis: the Abyss is the second short story collection filled with suspense, horror, and fiction. Since I had read book one, I was expecting the same quality of writing and penmanship. The author definitely did not disappoint. The premise of the stories was all… Continue Reading “Ékleipsis: the Abyss (Book Review #1285)”

The Rescue by Sher J. Stultz (Book Review #1284)

The Rescue is book one of the Timestream Travelers Chronicles. The story is set in West Seattle, Aeneas Entwistle and begins with Aeneas, a 14-year-old boy who discovers that he has the ability to time travel. It is the year 2015, and Aeneas gets… Continue Reading “The Rescue by Sher J. Stultz (Book Review #1284)”

And Time Stopped by Kristen L Jackson (Book Review #1283)

And time stopped is a young adult story filled with many swords, sorcery, and fantasy material. This is a book in a series, and I would recommend you start reading the series from the beginning. Even though the prologue covers pretty much what you… Continue Reading “And Time Stopped by Kristen L Jackson (Book Review #1283)”

Howl of the Ice by Christian Raymond (Book Review #1281)

Howl of the ice is a teen and young adult fantasy story. The story begins by letting you know how Falc dislikes frozen lakes and ice but is willing to go with Grandpa to a seasonal ice fishing shanty town atop Lake Blackbird.

The Tapestry by Audrey N Lewis (Book Review #1276)

The Tapestry is a paranormal and urban fantasy story set in 1912 starring Maia, a virgin – pregnant 14-year-old who finds herself giving birth to a little albino, hermaphrodite baby named Justice. She has no one but a pack of coyotes who take her… Continue Reading “The Tapestry by Audrey N Lewis (Book Review #1276)”

The Midst of Magic by Christian Cura (Book Review #1273)

The Midst of Magic is an urban fantasy story, and it begins with Kara Hartman, a photojournalist who wants to hide her magic from the world. After enduring betrayal and a massive loss, Kara is vulnerable. Her loss is too significant to deal with,… Continue Reading “The Midst of Magic by Christian Cura (Book Review #1273)”

Little People by Gordon Lewis (Book Review #1265)

Little people is a children’s book fantasy story set on the mythical landscape of Ireland. The story begins when Aisling and Liam are thrown into a magical world of folklore and join the little people in finding a way back. The quest is filled… Continue Reading “Little People by Gordon Lewis (Book Review #1265)”

Adventurer’s Overture by Lynette Bacon-Nguyen (Book Review #1263)

Adventurer’s owner is a young adult fantasy story. Amber is only 15 and ready to start her career at the Adventurer’s Hall, but it does not go as she thought it would. There are obstacles on her way and evil she has to face… Continue Reading “Adventurer’s Overture by Lynette Bacon-Nguyen (Book Review #1263)”

The Last Keeper by J.V Hillard (Book Review #1261)

The last Keeper is a Metaphysical Fantasy and book one of the Warminster series. While the story is filled with action and adventure, you get to enter a beautifully described world where a blind Daemus Alaris has the gift of sight and is the… Continue Reading “The Last Keeper by J.V Hillard (Book Review #1261)”