Category: Memoir

My Brother Nibby Wyatt Mercer DeHavalan (Book Review #1065)

My brother Nibby is a memoir written about four brothers living in the Lower Town of Ann Arbor in Michigan. The biography retells events from the 1930s and speaks of the 40s and 50s eras. The memoir reveals special and intimate moments of how… Continue Reading “My Brother Nibby Wyatt Mercer DeHavalan (Book Review #1065)”

Ninety – Nine Fire Hoops by Allison Hong Merrill (Book Review #1062)

Ninety – Nine fire hoops is a memoir and tells the story of a nineteen-year-old Taiwanese Mormon girl, Allison Hong. She meets an American Mormon missionary, Cameron Chastain and falls in love. They elope to Texas, and at the age of twenty-two, she believes… Continue Reading “Ninety – Nine Fire Hoops by Allison Hong Merrill (Book Review #1062)”

Displaced by Esther Wiebe (Book Review #1054)

Displaced is a memoir written about a little girl named Esther and her life story. She is only eleven and is the youngest in her family of four. Her parents have passed away, and the elder of their colony church believes that separating all… Continue Reading “Displaced by Esther Wiebe (Book Review #1054)”

Dancing with Death by Jean-Philippe Soulé (Book Review #1050)

Dancing with death is a beautiful travel adventure story about the author going on a wild expedition with his friends, dealing with many thrilling scenes. From being charged by a bull shark, dealing with bandits, crocodiles, getting malaria, and so much more, you really… Continue Reading “Dancing with Death by Jean-Philippe Soulé (Book Review #1050)”

Reflections of Anxious African American by Eric L. Heard (Book Review #1045)

Reflections of anxious African American is a memoir and a story. It begins with the author expressing his experience and journey as a father and how it shaped him into the man he is today. Eric’s honesty is reflected in the retelling, and his… Continue Reading “Reflections of Anxious African American by Eric L. Heard (Book Review #1045)”

Positive Vision by Ken Brandt (Book Review #1026)

Positive Vision is a biography written about Brandt’s life, adventure and encounters. He presents his outtake on life and entertains the reader with his exciting retelling’s of explorations, jumping from a plane, chasing a criminal in New York, and more. He is honest about… Continue Reading “Positive Vision by Ken Brandt (Book Review #1026)”

SHALLCROSS: Animal Slippers by Charles Porter (Book Review #955)

Animal Slippers is the third book in its series. Shallcross and Flame Vine are two previous works before this one. Shallcross novels are the American Stadium for fifty years of Aubrey Shallcross’s life.

Silent Rise by Rick H. Jones (Book Review #1023)

Silent rise is a memoir. It is a form of documentation that displays Jones’s parents supporting his dreams, his love for the arts and how he graduates with a Masters in Fine Arts. Jones believes that he can change and transform communities through art… Continue Reading “Silent Rise by Rick H. Jones (Book Review #1023)”

Hillbilly Queer by J. R. Jamison (Book Review #1017)

Hillbilly Queer is a memoir written about how the author grew up as a hillbilly and queer in a neighbourhood where they were primarily homophobic.