Category: Self-help & Self-improvement

The Journey of Discovering Inner Peace by Christina Samycia (Book Review #1248)

The journey of discovering inner peace is a nonfiction self-help book. It provides practical advice for self-discovery and healing emotions that have been blocking the path to success.

How-to ‘KILL’ the Mocking Birds? By Bruce Claude Nelson (Book Review #1244)

How to kill the mocking bird is a self-help non-fiction book written to compel you to find the courage to make a change in your life. It underlines the many social problems we face in society by providing a compelling telling of two women… Continue Reading “How-to ‘KILL’ the Mocking Birds? By Bruce Claude Nelson (Book Review #1244)”

What is Coronovirus by Sabbithry Persad (Book Review #1228)

What is coronavirus is a nonfiction book providing an educational account and discussion of the novel coronavirus and the pandemic. The book approaches the matter through the world of science and health research.

The Depth of Vision: Screw up Poverty with this Vision by Mohsen Estesnaei (Book Review #1215)

The depth of vision is a nonfiction motivational book written by Estesnaei, providing a different perspective on poverty. It all begins when Estesnaei records his conversations with a teenage boy named Amir while working on his thesis.

Know Your Sh*t by Gary Marinin (Book Review #1210)

This book is a nonfiction book written about the word. The author explains the word by using pop culture references and many other sources to enable the reader a vast knowledge of understanding. It is apparent to see that the author has aimed to… Continue Reading “Know Your Sh*t by Gary Marinin (Book Review #1210)”

How To Pull A Movie Out Of Your A** by G. Dorchak (Book Review #1209)

How to pull a movie out of you’re a** is a nonfiction self-help book for those interested in the filmmaking industry and looking for ways to enter the business without breaking the bank.

How to Motivate Yourself in 15 Minutes by Noah William Smith (Book Review #1208)

How to motivate yourself in 15 minutes is a nonfiction self-help book. It is geared for those who wish to have a relatively faster approach towards motivation and feeling more driven.

Three Things Matter Most by Brett Atlas (Book Review #1197)

Three Things Matter Most is a self-help book. In this book, the author asks the right questions making you ponder on what you have been doing so far in your life. ‘Are you focused on what matters most?’ is something I would have been… Continue Reading “Three Things Matter Most by Brett Atlas (Book Review #1197)”

The Wedding Survival Kit by  Nadine & Irv Brechner, Paulette & John Pitonyak and Carol & Bob Schilling (Book Review #1195)

The wedding survival kit is a nonfiction self-help book providing 44 strategies to assist the wedding planner with less stress and conflict. Besides the approaches, you also get to read about special resourses and lists of questions you would ask your vendor.