Antitheus by G. A. Minton (Book Review #375)

Antitheus is a dark horror fantasy novel situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. An evil incarnate attacks the minister in an inn while a group of clergymen is on retreat. As they begin to figure out what is going on, they realize that they have no other way but to fight back in order to survive.

The story is filled with a thriller, horror, suspense and an overwhelming amount of violence. It is the perfect recipe for someone that enjoys this particular genre. I found the literature to complement the several plot lines that were built into the story. There was a particular detailed descriptive writing, complementing the storyline which made it to be an excellent choice for a thrilling story.

I particularly enjoyed the cover of the book. The story reminded me of some of these games that are out there like “Diablo” or demons that are after nothing but destruction. It was very exciting to read and an enjoyable experience to encounter. I believe the author has a special touch in creating dark stories and is one to look out for.

It is definitely a good versus evil kind of story, and the ending does not disappoint. I trust fantasy readers would find this book to be very suitable.

Written by Jeyran Main

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