Toric’s Dagger by Jamie Edmundson (Book Review #185)

This review was kindly requested by Jamie Edmundson.

Toric’s Dagger is book one of the Weapon Takers Saga, which is a fantasy series. The story is written about this religious relic being stolen. Soren and Belwynn are twin brother and sister. They are the ones seeking the dagger. The twins have telepathic ways of communicating between each other. Soren has magic abilities that assist them in dealing with all the danger and threat they face while being on their mission.

Once they find the dagger, it appears that the problem is still not resolved. They then have to protect it from the sorcerers, mercenaries and every other person that wishes to use the dagger, to do wrong.


The fantasy world created by the author is superbly done. The troubles and tricky situations, which the twins faced does make you feel for them. I loved the relationship between the siblings and the interconnected storylines within the content of the book. The literary standard was truly admirable. I believe this author has a strong potential in becoming one of the best in its genre.

There were times that I felt a little lost while reading, but then I would pick up fast and the pace would compensate the confusion. I also would like to congratulate the author for such a beautiful cover. If I had seen this book in a bookstore, I would have picked it up.

I recommend this book to fantasy readers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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