Long Island’s Top Four Most Haunted Places By Michael Phillip Cash

Long Island’s Top Four Most Haunted Places By Michael Phillip Cash

It’s no secret that I love all things paranormal. My book series, A Haunting on Long Island, contains four separate books, all about ghostly hauntings and paranormal happenings.

I live on Long Island, New York, which is 118 miles long and 23 miles wide and filled with beaches, scenic views, historic landmarks and….ghosts. When I was recently asked to list my four most haunted Long Island locations. I knew right away which ones I’d choose!

Mount Misery & Sweet Hollow Road

Tales of angry and vengeful Native Americans abound at this famous camping area. Through in the unconfirmed legend of a 1700s insane asylum mysteriously burning to the ground and you have the perfect storm for some truly hair-raising ghostly encounters. One of my kids went to camp around here for a day. Never again!

Kings Park Psychiatric Center

Resembling the set of a horror flick instead of the long abandoned, dilapidated hospital it’s become, Kings Park Psychiatric Center is creepy enough to send spine-tingling chills down even the most experienced ghost hunter. Built in 1885, the hospital started out as a way to provide humane care to psychiatric patients. But during the 1950s the place took a turn to give way to experimental treatments like lobotomies and electro shock therapy. Some people swear the screams of former patients can still be heard coming from behind the walls late at night. What do I think? It’s a great place to relax and chill for the night…just kidding.

Lake Ronkonkoma

As Long Island’s largest lake, Lake Ronkonkoma is full of haunted activity. Even the lake itself is said to be haunted. Reported as the bottomless lake, it’s said that Lake Ronkonkoma is filled with the unfortunate souls who have tragically drowned over the years. Scary, scary place. Don’t go there, especially at night.

Raynham Hall in Oyster Bay

Raynham Hall in historic Oyster Bay was once a twenty-room house owned by the prestigious Townsend family. It’s since been preserved and turned into a historic museum, open to the public. Paranormal groups have captured strange EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon), mysterious smells, floating orbs and other ghostly activity.

Raynham Hall was the backstory to the third installment of my A Haunting on Long Island series, The After House. Huge inspiration. Great haunted house.

Michael Phillip Cash is the author of the four-book series A Haunting on Long Island. Readers can connect with Michael on his website and Facebook.

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