Price Of Eden (Aquarius Rising #3) by Brian Burt (Book Review #221)

This review was kindly requested by Brian Burt.

Price of Eden is the third book in the Aquarius Rising. Following the aftermath of what happens in book two, tensions are high. Global warming has had its effect on the coastal cities. Many of them are under water. There is a breed of half human – half dolphin residing in the waters. The story focuses on Ocypode this time. A tribe of whales sees him as the storm- slayer, the one that is going to bring peace. As always, nothing comes easy for the hybrids. Ocypode’s destiny and the fate of this world are determined in this nonstop action thriller story.

The author has once again created a masterpiece. This science fiction novel is written with many analogies and vocabulary terms, which none science fiction fans might find hard to understand, however, the story is so appealing that I believe it would not affect the enjoyment of the plot.


Review for Aquarius Rising #2


There is a special something in the way this author builds this fantasy world. I felt this in reading his previous work and again in this one as well. You really do feel for the characters and wish wholeheartedly for them to survive the ordeals they are put through. There is a very nice flow and connectivity between the chapters and the storyline. The plot is superbly put together and delivers a beautiful ending.

I believe that you would benefit from reading the first and second book before approaching this one. I recommend this book to any science fiction fan and anyone that likes a good full on action saga.

Written by Jeyran Main

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