One Too by Sherrie Cronin (Book Review#432)

One Too is the 6th book of the 46. Ascending book series which is about a collection of stand-alone stories where each family member possesses their own superpower. As you read through the series, you understand that each member; mother, father, son, two daughters, goes through a transition discovering their powers. One too then becomes the culmination of all five stories.

Lola and her family meet other people with similar powers. However, they are different. XO is now an active force, and they need everything they can get to defeat it. The story deals with more telepath and non-psychic individuals. The adventure is filled with courage, teamwork and honorable resilience.

I don’t think the book would have been a good idea to be read as a standalone. Even though some may be able to figure everything out from just reading this one alone, I would recommend the reader to try some of the previous books in the series. This would allow a better understanding of the characters. Otherwise, they would be overwhelmed with a vast amount of characters to remember.

Another aspect of the book was that due to the individual introductory system where the characters have previously been given a backstory, I found the finale to be thoroughly enjoyable. It was a mixture of adventure, family ethics, principles, and fantasy. The family has to work as a team and use their powers working together to achieve their goal.

The author has made a clear connection between her books and has an admirable knowledge towards literature and storytelling. The book had a nice flow to it, and the concept of it all was pleasurable to read.

Written by Jeyran Main

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