The Art of Fully Living: 1 Man. 10 Years. 100 Life Goals Around the World by Tal Gur (Book Review #433)

The Art of Fully Living is a self-help book, in a memoir style of genre, about a man who aims to live life to the fullest. The goal is clear but, appears to be not as simple as you hear. Tal Gur uses his own experience in order to prove that such a way of living is possible. I found this description to be the best way to explaining what the book is about:

“The very structure of this book models Tal’s immersive approach to goal-driven living: each chapter of The Art of Fully Living is dedicated to a year of focus—socializing, fitness, freedom, contribution, love, adventure, wealth, relationship, spirituality, and creativity—and follows Tal’s endeavors as he works toward fulfilling 100 life goals in only 10 years.”

There are many books similar to this one wanting to assist the reader in a better living situation. Ways to achieve your goals or to live happily seems to be trending in the book industry these days. What I believe made this book different was that he set a number for the amount of goals he had and it wasn’t all set to be big ones either. He attempted to turn passion into a living, and instead of complicating things, he simplified them. You would think that setting 100 goals would be a lot but, since he applied the things I mentioned, it did not appear to be as hard as it originally made me feel.

The literature was easy to understand and had a nice flow to it. The author appeared to write in a caring and upbeat tone. Another positive move the author makes is convincing the reader that the journey is doable.

Although the book is set as a memoir, I believe it is more of a self-help and well- being book. I recommend it to people that wish to make a change in the way they live.

Written by Jeyran Main

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