Introducing the Messiah by King David (Book Review #448)

Introducing the Messiah by King David


Introducing the Messiah is a religious book containing an interview which happened as an email exchange between King David and a skeptic.


The questions in the book were either personal or religiously inclined which happened to show a balance of both.

As I read through the work, I found several editing issues in the work. The questions were not always very clear and the answers did not always match the actual question, however, it was nice to read someone’s point of view towards the Christian faith.

It felt as if the book was to introduce King David to the world and for that, I believe the book succeeded.


The questions went as far as even asking about house pets. I believe this short book would have been more beneficial if it had contained more of a background towards who was being interviewed.


In addition, although the intentions were pure and religiously inclined, I still did not fully understand the concept of wanting to make a book out of it.


I will end this review with an answer King David has given a question. This is a reply he gave to the following question:


“Do you give happy endings?

K.D. – I do try to help people until they’ve reached a greater level of calm, that is if they’re into too much distress. And it usually works out.”


Written by Jeyran Main

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