Tracer by Cher Smith (Book Review #282)

Tracer is a psychological thriller written about Z Ellis. The Eradication of Violent Crimes has come up with the concept of software that erases the memories of people who have committed horrendous crimes such as mass murders. By replacing the memory and creating a whole new identity, they hope that the individual would lead a normal life without committing any more crimes. Z Ellis is one of these people.

When Gage McAlister, the inventor of such a program meets with Z and begins to doubt whether he did the right thing by taking away Z’s memory and making him believe he is someone else.

The journey Z takes in order to identify what is real and what is fake, is extraordinary. The story is written with explicit intention to create confusion and induce twists to the plot, in order to innovate different scenarios in the reader’s mind, just to read along to find out what happens next.

The literature standard was strong, and the work appeared very well put together. The pace of the story was steady and provided enough world setting to assist the reader in drawing an imaginary picture in their head. The character development, even with the conflicting personalities, was very intriguing. It made a superb recipe for an ideal psychological thriller.

I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a story to provoke your mind.

This review was kindly requested by Dead Key Publishing

Written by Jeyran Main

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