Literature by Guillermo Stitch (Book Review #449)

Literature by Guillermo Stitch


Literature is a sci-fi novella. Billy Stinger is a terrorist that is always strapped for time and has some explaining to do with his life choices. The odds are definitely against him in this thrilling fictional story.


The story is just one day and begins with him showing up later for work, he has not dressed appropriately, and his girlfriend is not happy with him. Billy’s character is interesting in the matter of being so particular. He isn’t necessarily the hero nor is he the anti-hero. The mixture made a difference to this short story.

Since the story was short, I initially had my doubts if it was going to cover all the delicate elements of which a sci-fi story would need. The author eliminated this by jumping right in and letting the reader know everything right from the start.

The story is set in the future. However, it is not as scientifically advanced you would think a sci-fi story would be. Instead, the author appeared to take the more comical side of things and added a few odd social norm behaviors so the mix.


The literature was particularly strong, and it kept its standard up to the end. I would be very interested to read a longer tale from this author and recommend this book as a short read.


Written by Jeyran Main

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