Guardian of Paradise by W. Lawrence (Book Review #28)

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“I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars.”

Kira is an orphaned girl raised in a jungle set like paradise by the people of its village. Due to losing her parents at such a young age and not having a parent figure growing up, Kira has her set of ways when dealing with things. He naivety concerning the opposite sex is explored, and her protectiveness towards the only thing she knows as ‘home’ is threatened by the arrival of an Australian merchant ship.

The story and the romance written in this book are like the one from Disney Pocahontas meeting John Smith. There are many sweet and enjoyable interactions with Kira and Trevor in this tale. Trevor is a doctor and joins the crew with the aim to explore and learn new medical discoveries and falls for Kira, his guide to the jungle. Kira’s feelings are more hot and cold with Trevor, which was delightful as it consistently makes the reader doubt about the relationship.

Things take a turn when Kira suspects that the Captian is not being honest and is abusing the recourses he has been freely given by the villagers. This brave and intelligent girl is determined to make sure that this does not happen and risks her own life and the people she loves, trying to guard her paradise.

The general expectation is that when you are raised and live in a small village for your entire life, then your character is known and people trust you. However, this does not happen for Kira. Not only does the chief banish her from the village, but the chief’s son, Kupe, also does nothing regarding her concerns. Even Kupe’s wife, Kira’s best friend, has to be persuaded right up until the end of the story. It was sorrowful to see that Kira’s continuous efforts in protecting the very own village she loved and cared, was giving back so little.


I found this book to be very enjoyable. There are many drama scenes, romance, background story and character building in the plot. The style of writing was very clear and easy to understand. The pace of the story was in such a way that it did not make the reader become dis-interested or have them skip pages to find out what happens. The story did contain many sexual references and content that would not be suitable for everyone, and that is a shame because the book does possess a very attractive plot for younger readers.

I recommend Guardian of Paradise to anyone that likes a good old historical romance book. It does not disappoint and definitely draws you into this wonderful world of love, sacrifice, friendship and discovery of oneself.

Written by Jeyran Main

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