The Thing Lou Couldn’t Do – by Ashley Spires (Book Review #33)

Lou is a courageous girl that does not wish to admit her fear of climbing. Just like everyone else, she feels as if her friends knew this fact, then she would be considered weird.

Her excuses for not wanting to join her friends up the tree are hilarious. Interestingly enough, her friends do not mock her or make Lou feel bad about herself for not joining them. By simply observing her friends and their display of how fun it is to be up there, Lou then decides to make her choice.

This is I believe the best part of the story. She makes the decision to ‘try’.

Sometimes in life, we are scared of certain things. Anxiety withdraws us from even wanting to try it. We may not even wish to confront this fear, however, until then, we will never know!

Lou fails in climbing the tree, but that is not the point of this story. By simply trying, she sets a positive example. As the description of the book itself says:

“This book makes a perfect choice for a character education discussion about courage or resilience, or a life-skills lesson on facing challenges. The story also promotes the joy of imaginative play in the outdoors.”

Any parent looking for a good read for their child must have this.

Written by Jeyran Main

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This book was given to me by Kids Can Press through Netgalley.

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