TwoSpells by Mark Morrison (Book Review #464)


Twospells is a fantasy novel written for the young adult genre. The story begins with twins, Sarah and her brother. They access a library which gives them supernatural powers and lets them into a world filled with fantastic creatures.

Traveling through the universes due to a war disrupting time and space, the two go through an adventure trying to save the world.


I found the pace to be fast and the relationship between the brother and sister written beautifully. The characters were drawn with personality and charisma.


Spending summer at their grandparents does not come with boredom.  I felt that the story kept its tension and adventurous nature from the beginning till the end. I believe kids enjoy these kinds of stories. It resembled a Narnia concept where the magic takes over the world, and the fantasy was described with a notion of movements where the children traveled.


I particularly enjoyed the fact that the adventure started in the library. I believe this entices children to read more and it also created a more plausible storyline.


I recommend this book to young adult readers.

Jeyran Main

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