Get the Interview Get the Job by Matthew Dovell (Book Review #466)

Get the interview is a self-help book designed to assist the reader in getting the job they want. The book is sorted into two parts. Part one describes the way to search for jobs, apply for applications, sell yourself, create cover letters and essentially have your resume ready.


The second part takes over the interview procedure and how to introduce yourself to the potential company you wish to work for. What I found interesting is that, in the day and age that we live in, everything is now technically advanced. The way we present ourselves all depends on paper and what we submit. The book provides ways for the seeker to eliminate the subject of being passed through dozens of resumes, simply because the word match is not applied. I believe that is a good way to get noticed.

The book is also available in audio, which does assist the user if they do not like to read.

The literature was easy to understand and provides the reader with the ability to feel more confident about seeking employment. While I am fully aware that there are organizations that can do all this for you in person, I think this book would suit people that wish to seek employment from the comfort of their own home.


Written by Jeyran Main


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