The Intervention by Patrick Roberts (Book Review #467)

The intervention is a sci-fi story about Jeff Ridsdale. He is an ordinary man who happens to get knocked by the wave unconscious. The Kareet, take him and take over his body for the intention of conquering the world. Their intentions are to intervene by implanting something into his spine.


I found the sci-fi nature of the book to be exactly as needed. Technology wise, the storyline took a diverse turn as the aliens use a human to communicate their desires with the world.


The pace was steady and it kept my interest as I read through the book. The protagonist’s personality was drawn to entice, being a normal everyday kind of guy to something completely different.


I believe where the concept of the story was strong, the relationship between Jeff and Lena, the biologist lacked a little personality.


The world setting came to be amazing. As you read the story, it was very easy to imagine and picture the scenes whereas a norm, it is hard to envision such stories with aliens being involved.


I believe this story would interest people who like science fiction stories and books that are written about UFO’S and aliens.


Written by Jeyran Main


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