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The foreword of our latest published work explains it all, followed by the links where you can get our new paperback and e-editions of Once Upon a Time in Brownsville!Hurray! Welcome Linda!


Respect your elders. Do good deeds. Choose work that you find to be fun. Find a way to help others, and you’ll never be lonely or poor. These principles ingrained in me from childhood popped to mind the moment I heard of the opportunity to help Linda Longoria-Neff publish her work. Yet, even my parents who instilled these ideals were not born yet for some of these tales, and just young children for others. Oh, the wisdom and social insight that can be gleaned from people who lived in those times, in that place.

Brownsville, Texas is a charming town by the Mexican border on the Gulf Coast. This extraordinary place, combined with the world-changing time…

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