Hyperspace Radio by James Beach (Book Review #468)


Hyperspace is a collection of short stories, that contains a wide range of diverse genre’s, pleasing every kind of reader. While the author focused more on the science fiction and fantasy side, the content did reflect a nice portion of fiction and humor.


From stories like wishful thinking, my undead dad, or the illegal alien beings – humor filled the book creating a continuous experience of fun and enjoyment for every story.


The literature was easy to follow and contained a high standard of good quality writing. Each story was not too long or short which provided the suitable amount of time spent on the reader to finish every part.


The pace depended on the story being told. I believe anyone who is not into long hours of reading and wishes to just enjoy taking a trip imagining these tales, even for a short period of time, would enjoy this book.


The cover design suited its content and since I rarely see that with collection storybooks, I felt that it needed to be mentioned as well.


I believe the author would benefit more from writing full piece stories and based on his writing skills, would succeed amazingly in producing fantasy stories.


Written by Jeyran Main


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