Beauty of the Fall by Rich Marcello (Book Review #469)

The Beauty of the Fall is a story written about Dan Underlight. This fictional story describes the life of Dan being a technology executive who is divorced and suffers from the loss of his son. As he gets fired from his job, Dan decides to go through 500 companies picking up ideas and methods in order to create his own organization, creating excellent software.


Just like everything else in life, as soon as Dan’s idea and software take off, his previous employer decides to give Dan grief over the concept of originality and theft of intellectual property.


Dan’s life is once more tipped and turned, and he has to straighten things up. The story resembled a Mark Zuckerberg story. It also touched sensitive topics such as domestic violence, loss, dealing with death and the loneliness one feels when they have been lonely.


The story enticed the reader to feel more compassionate towards its characters. While the protagonist had his own issues, the company he creates is aimed to relieve people from similar problems.


I found the literature to be easy to understand and to follow. The pace of the tale was decent and kept the reader engaged. I believe this fictional story would benefit readers that enjoy relatively easy-going books.

Written by Jeyran Main


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