Seven Ways to Overcome Fear by Jeyran Main

Seven Ways to Overcome Fear


How can you get out of your comfort zone? Fear is what sets you back from growing. If you don’t overcome them, you limit your experiences and fall back by isolating yourself. By expanding your comfort zone, you increase your chances. You can start your day with one challenge. One of the best ways to overcome fear us to stay still and to allow yourself to feel the fear and panic. Breathe slowly and consciously. Your mind will then slowly get used to the panic sensation. The goal is to allow yourself to take the fear of fear away. When you don’t overcome the anxiety, they become who you are, and you won’t be able to transcend them.


Here are seven ways to overcome fear.


  • Be Aware


Awareness is the first step before coming out of your comfort zone. If you are aware of your fears, then you have a chance of overcoming them.


  • List your fears

Be very specific. Identify what fears you and observe your inner space by doing so. Recognize the core reason of your fears and list them down. This way you have a clearly identified them and now can begin working on each one.


  • Try Methods That Can Work For you


There are various ideas, theories and methods out there for you to try in order to overcomeyour fear. The ones mentioned below are some of the best out there.


Method One: Sedona

With this method, you ask yourself questions while focusing on your fear. Try the link to read more about it or it even try them.


Method Two: EFT

EFT stands for emotional freedom techniques. The link provides insightful information about the program and how it works


Method Three: The Work


The work is something similar to Sedona. You can try the link to read more about it.



Method Four: Hypnosis

This method works well in programming the right thoughts in your mind. It eliminates negative thoughts. One extra good thing about this method is that its not just for over coming fear but to learn how to relate to them as well.


Method Five: NLP


NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. The Wiki link explains in detail how this method works.



  • Being Grateful


Swap the feeling of being afraid with being grateful. Show gratitude and be thankful for the things you do have. It will calm your nerves and ease your way towards the things you don’t have and fear of.


  • Therapy

Find a therapist and go through sessions with them. Seeking professional help in order to learn more about yourself and better your life facing what you fear.


  • Read Books

There are many self-help books that have been written about this topic. Most provide various ways on how to overcome your fear and to come out of you comfort zone.


  • Perspective


Learn how to replace negative thoughts into perspective. Focus on the positive rather than the negative. Most things that happen to us are out of our control.


Have you managed to overcome your fear? Let me know how you succeeded by commenting below! I want to hear about them


Written by Jeyran Main

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