3 Biggest Mistakes Women Make in a Relationship by Jeyran Main

There are times when women make mistakes in their relationships. We are all humans and things are not always going to be perfect. Mistakes that are made are not to say that you are now left with no choice of return but to say, that they can be fixed by not repeating them.

Here are three mistakes women make:

  • Don’t ask for what they really want.

Women rarely ask for what they really want. Instead, they take what’s available or they ask for what they think they can get. As time goes by and the person continues to not get what they really want, they begin to belittle their partner. Resentfulness takes over and that is when she begins to invalidate her partner.

  • They gossip about their partner to other people.

Talking about your partner to others destroys the sacredness of what you have with your partner. It is perfectly okay to talk to one or two close people about your troubles in order to seek help or guidance but the conversations should be about your difficulties and not about your partner’s bad habits, insecurities, and failings. Gossip is a betrayal of trust.

  • Knowing your partner.

Women often fail to see who their partner really is. They imagine something different about them. We are all human and we all have our own personalities. When you deny, dismiss, diminish or resist seeing your partner for who he really is, you end up making up who they should be, and then expect them to live up to it.

Try to focus on what your partner is and if he isn’t what you want then don’t get mad about it. Instead, shift your focus and see everyone for who they are and then make your choice.

Written by Jeyran Main





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