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The Trial Show: The Resistance Rises by Konstantina P. (Book Review #1407)

‘The Trial Show: The Resistance’ is a dystopian story and is the first book in its series. It is filled with LGBTQ, romance, and science fiction. If you are into complex scenes and plotlines, this one is for you.

The Last Trollid (The Sunset of Magic #1) by Alistair Potter (Book Review #576)

The last trollid is a fantasy story; book one of the sunset of magic series. The story begins with a world gate being opened by a wizard causing aliens to attack the population of the land. Ida operates in the kitchens and ends up… Continue Reading “The Last Trollid (The Sunset of Magic #1) by Alistair Potter (Book Review #576)”

How Good or Bad by Dennis Scheel

How good or bad? by Dennis Scheel   The question which goes to how weak, versus strong a main character, can be. It’s a balancing act since you can’t make the character too strong or weak. In my first book, for example, I started with… Continue Reading “How Good or Bad by Dennis Scheel”

Beauty of the Fall by Rich Marcello (Book Review #469)

The Beauty of the Fall is a story written about Dan Underlight. This fictional story describes the life of Dan being a technology executive who is divorced and suffers from the loss of his son. As he gets fired from his job, Dan decides… Continue Reading “Beauty of the Fall by Rich Marcello (Book Review #469)”

A RIGHT CHARACTER – Daniel Abrahams

Having touched on the subject of writing, as in getting down to the job of actually doing it, in my previous article, I thought it was worth opening the door, ever so slightly, on the subject of characters, fictional that is, and the creating… Continue Reading “A RIGHT CHARACTER – Daniel Abrahams”

Protagonist vs. Antagonist By R. A. Rios

Protagonist vs. Antagonist By R. A. Rios https://www.rariospromotions.com/ By definition: The Protagonist – The leading character, Hero or one of the major characters in a drama, movie, novel, or other fictional text. The Antagonist – A Villain, person or thing who actively opposes or… Continue Reading “Protagonist vs. Antagonist By R. A. Rios”