Protagonist vs. Antagonist By R. A. Rios

Protagonist vs. Antagonist By R. A. Rios

By definition: The Protagonist – The leading character, Hero or one of the major characters in a drama, movie, novel, or other fictional text. The Antagonist – A Villain, person or thing who actively opposes or is hostile to someone or something; an adversary.

These are the Characters that we cheer and cry for, they are the ones we remember well when mentioning the story from a movie or a book.

In the case of Superman or Katniss Everdeen of the Hunger Games, we can easily identify who is the protagonist and who is the antagonist. At times the writer makes it easy to identify the Villain or Antagonist but when as writers our Antagonist does not take on a human form can it be just as memorable?

Think for a moment as you visualize these Antagonists, maybe it is an animal or prehistoric beast, the weather or something supernatural, what about futuristic technology, society or maybe even a person’s own emotions! I’m sure just the mention of these brings to mind popular novels and movies.

In our development of a strong Protagonist and Antagonist, there must be a struggle between good and evil. For your Protagonist to be memorable and someone you can cheer and cry for they must not be indecisive. At one point they must decide what to do or how to move forward.

As in the case of Tom in my lasted Novel Release “The Flash Point Project.” Tom finds himself thrust into an uninhabitable world with no means of survival. He has a choice to either lie-down and die or struggle to survive. His trek would not be an easy one, as he not only has to deal with the elements but with himself as well as with the feelings deep within such as his loneliness.

While Tom struggles to survive, the reader can sympathize with his struggles and his emotions as we have all been there. That’s when the reader starts to cheer and cry for him, their hero, to make it as he finds a vestige of protection for his survival. But his struggle is not over in this epic journey, it has only just begun as he will soon discover in this secret underground city with its many levels of super advanced testing labs. Yes, our Protagonist stands out, but his Antagonist soon takes on many forms.

Friends we are only limited by our imaginations as Tom welcomes you to travel with him through time and space to the deepest part of your emotions through “The Flashpoint Project!”

One Comment on “Protagonist vs. Antagonist By R. A. Rios

  1. My characters in Tale of the Cattail Forest are Fairy Frogs and Toads- so none are humans. My book is a fantasy itself.

    So- Sparkle is my protagonist and Sarge is my antagonist. Sarge is not evil- just not necessarily a nice toad.

    Sparkle still has her flaws- some of them led to the book kicking off: she is a stubborn and rebellious Fairy Frog. Aries gave the rule of not letting them enter Graysloup or interacting with the toads. Well, her stubborn nature leads her to break that rule to meet Marge, the catalyst character of the novel.

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