How Good or Bad by Dennis Scheel

How good or bad? by Dennis Scheel


The question which goes to how weak, versus strong a main character, can be. It’s a balancing act since you can’t make the character too strong or weak. In my first book, for example, I started with a character who was weak, who had a power buried deep within. He first rediscovered this at the end, where he became more powerful. I believe this example works for a good guy.

But on the opposite spectrum, the villain, how bad do you make this one? Do you want it to have any weakness, and if so which? The same balancing is needed here. The villain must be firm but in a way, where beating him/ her is a possibility. In my third book, a prominent character is the Devil, the incarnation of Evil, but on the other hand, I wanted to tell how he became this evil character, so I need to show his evil side, yet still show that he had a good side, despite being the prince of Evil!


These two opposites had certain similarities. The yin and yang in a story, with many stories needing a hero, who had obstacles to overcome. Difficulties, which gave the bad one his/ her win, a sense of victory, a cat vs. mouse play.


These examples made me ponder; do others have the same problem or do they know how good or evil a character needs to be?

A character’s voyage can also go from being evil to good and vice versa, but those usually are plot points. (Usually bad to good though.)

Taking out the Protagonist vs. Antagonist – sub characters can go through a form too, and they need to. Both for the plot, the hero and how the sub characters evolve. This can add a lot to a plot as well as have an indirect impact on the main ones.


But at the end of the day, the last part which holds the most significant effect is how each fit along the plot of the given story.


Written by Dennis Scheel

Author Bio:

Dennis Scheel has always had the stories running in his head, but not until after his accident, which left him mute and paralyzed on the right side was he able to tell them. After he worked his way back, he wanted to try to tell his story once more since an acquaintance told him there was talent in his poetry, he had been convinced by his ex not to write for ten years, she insisted he had no talent. This time tried in English since all other times failed. Finally, he succeeded, and he never stopped writing since. Which led to the completion of No Way Back- The Underworlds and the sequel Taken With a Dark Desire: The Underworlds

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