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How Good or Bad by Dennis Scheel

How good or bad? by Dennis Scheel   The question which goes to how weak, versus strong a main character, can be. It’s a balancing act since you can’t make the character too strong or weak. In my first book, for example, I started with… Continue Reading “How Good or Bad by Dennis Scheel”

Dialogue. by Keith Julius

        Dialogue. by Keith Julius          It’s such an important part of writing a novel.  And yet many people, particularly beginning authors, struggle with it.

3 Types of Novel by Petra Jacob

3 Types of Novel by Petra Jacob Finding your focus when writing a novel can be tricky but it’s essential. I’ve read some self-published books with great story ideas and beautiful writing, but the focus wasn’t there, and that made it a chore to keep… Continue Reading “3 Types of Novel by Petra Jacob”