Seoul’s Historic Walks in Sketches by Janghee Lee (Book Review #488)

Seoul’s historic walks is a beautiful book written in order to walk the reader through Seoul’s and its rich history. It is a retrospect of the forgotten city of Hanyang and covers 15 attractions is possesses.

I absolutely loved the sketches, the little notes around the drawings and the detailed information revolving around the sites. I believe the author has spent much love and given thought into producing such an exemplary book. As you read and focus on the drawings, you really do get the feeling as if you were there.


The book is translated yet, it was obvious to see that the richness of its literature had not been lost in translation. I believe anyone who wishes to know about Seoul and its history would really appreciate this book.


I found the work to be very organized, to the point and useful. I believe the soft nature of the illustrations made the book very attractive to the eye and made me intrigued to read more.


I would not class this work as a travel book or a photography book. However, anyone interested in the same fields will also find it attention-grabbing.

Written by Jeyran Main


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