The Princess of Baker Street by Mia Kerick (Book Review #561)

The Princess of Baker Street is a young adult fiction story discussing two young teens, their emotional roller-coaster rides, transgender issues, and suicide matters. The story affects two kids in particular. A boy and a girl who once faces the dilemma of finding her identity and the other, her best friend, who is seriously neglected and abused.

Eric and Joey are a good combination of what really goes down in middle school. We can all deny it and pretend none of this exists but it does and the more we embrace the reality of things, I believe, we can deal with them better. In this case, the story is told from Eric’s point of view and the narrative decides to be particular with grammatically incorrect narration and a dialogue that is unique to its own. This, I believe made the story much more entertaining and thrilling to read.


I really enjoyed the cover of this book. I normally don’t comment about book covers but, this one I liked. The book does contain segments of suicide, bullying and LGBTQ matters which is worth mentioning here.


The literature was suitable and strong. The descriptive parts were worded in a notion that made you go back to when you were young and enforced the same feelings about the emotion’s teenagers possess and face.


I recommend this book to young adult readers, educators and people who like to read on teenagers’ thoughts.


Written by Jeyran Main

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