For All The Women I Admire by Jackie Hanson

For All The Women I Admire by Jackie Hanson


I can’t imagine existing in a world where I can’t write. This essential life skill has pulled me out of some of the darkest corners of my life. Given me hope when I thought there wasn’t any left inside of me. When I was growing up, pencils and notebooks were my best friends. I’ve been writing poetry and short stories since I learned how to write—around age five.

As a child, my background could have to lead me down a very different path than the one I am on now. If I wanted to set myself apart from what others assumed I would grow up to be I knew I had to find another outlet to express my anger as a teenager, so instead of partying, drinking, and drugs I chose to read (a lot) and write about people who inspire me — mostly, women who are not afraid to be feminine, vulnerable and take risks on love and finding happiness on their own terms. They don’t want to sacrifice or just be content in their circumstances. As we all know, especially females, if we remain taciturn like many expect us to do life will pass us by, and we will never receive what we really want.  My female protagonists may not always begin their stories as women who are strong-willed and fierce. They’re not trying to fulfill some women’s lib definition of femininity.  However, when they do figure out their passion in life there isn’t anything or anyone relevant enough to deter them from going after it — whether it’s a forbidden love, obscure career or eccentric life choice. I think this is the reason that a variety of women can relate to my characters.  Even though most of my stories may gravitate toward females, many men who have read my first published book have enjoyed it. The male protagonist in my novels does not possess the traditional romantic attributes that make them heroic or appealing in other adults/contemporary novels. I want my stories to be realistic, meaning the man needs the woman just as much as the woman needs the man. My characters are severely flawed individuals who in order to find what they really desire in life may have to hurt others along the way to get where he or she can be their best. My book, A Place in Time, will bring you on a rollercoaster of emotions and the drama doesn’t cease until the very end.


Despite my love of romance novels, I’m a huge baseball and college basketball fan. If I’m not running, dancing, being a yogi or spending time with my two beautiful daughters, you will find me at baseball stadiums cheering on my favorite team, the Minnesota Twins, or mad about March Madness. I’m currently working on my second novel, Beautiful Things. A story encompassing three strong women who refuse to allow their past to haunt their future.

Written by Jackie Hanson

Author Biography: Jacqueline Hanson is a Midwesterner at heart and she loves creating characters with Midwest roots. She has been writing short stories and poetry for most of her life. Jacqueline has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in business and leadership. For the last seven years, she has stayed at home to raise her two daughters and began writing novels during this time. In her free time, she enjoys cheering on the Minnesota Twins, running, tennis, dancing, and yoga. She lives in Edina, Minnesota, with her husband and daughters.




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