Information Barrage by Keith Julius

Information Barrage by Keith Julius

         As I was filling my car’s gas tank the other day, I couldn’t help but notice the small video monitor built into the fuel dispenser, advertising products I don’t need and promoting services I was uninterested in. It got me thinking of the constant barrage of information that bombards us every day, no matter where we go.

This may be hard to remember, and for the younger people out there it may sound like a fantasy, but at one time people actually went to restaurants to eat. It was a social event, but one where they would spend time conversing with the people joining them. Now sports bars are everywhere, their walls covered with monitors blasting their patrons with information from every direction at once. Apparently, people are afraid to miss a minute of what’s going on out there and can’t stand to be away from the video interaction. It’s hard to get away from these distractions anymore.

I recently went bowling, and couldn’t help but notice the four people in the lane next to us.   Two girls and two boys, all late teens, out for an afternoon of fun together. What was comical to me was the total lack of interaction between them. They would each take their turn bowling, and as soon as they were done, they would return to their cellphones, glued to the tiny screen in front of them. Not a word passed between them, their attention focused on social media rather than on spending time with the people they were actually bowling with.

It’s like people are afraid to turn away for a second, for fear they will miss out on something important. Well, I have news for you. You can’t see everything. There is just too much out there for anyone to comprehend, so if you expect to see it all, you better expect to be disappointed.

Not only that but whatever the latest internet fancy, regardless of how many likes it gets or how often it will be shared on social media, it will be swept away and forgotten when the next craze comes along. Rather than living vicariously through others why not make some living on your own and experience life for a change? The experience that game of bowling by getting to know the people you share it with. Savor that journey to the restaurant by not only enjoying the meal but by enjoying the company.

And when you stop to buy gas do what I do. Pay the fee, fill your tank, then drive away. There’s a whole world to explore out there, and it can be a lot more interesting than a video screen.




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2 Comments on “Information Barrage by Keith Julius

  1. Yes. New Principles apply: 1. Anyone else calling or texting you right now is always more important than anyone you are physically with right now, all the time; 2. If you miss anything anywhere else, you will not get the promotion, the sale, the sight, the “word,” the infinite etceterata; 3. What someone–anyone–else is saying about you “out there” is objectively true, always; 4. You are the center of the universe, and must be e-coddled.

    I’ve found that an Old Principle of dining and good conversation with a friend works much better, as does the writer. Lots less stressful, too.

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