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Information Barrage by Keith Julius

Information Barrage by Keith Julius          As I was filling my car’s gas tank the other day, I couldn’t help but notice the small video monitor built into the fuel dispenser, advertising products I don’t need and promoting services I was uninterested in. It… Continue Reading “Information Barrage by Keith Julius”

Losing Normal by Francis Moss (Book Review #538)

Losing Normal is a young adult fiction story about an autistic boy named, Alex.  This young brave boy is different and that is what makes this story compelling to read. Sophie, a sophisticated machine is controlling everyone’s mind and believes that everyone loves her.… Continue Reading “Losing Normal by Francis Moss (Book Review #538)”

This Modern Love: A Novel by Ray Hecht (Book Review #34)

    A brutally honest portrayal of what seems to be the common mannerism of our youth and our society. Here you have four young adults living in four different ways, and each chapter discusses their addiction to technology, their odd ways of connecting… Continue Reading “This Modern Love: A Novel by Ray Hecht (Book Review #34)”