17 Life: Corner or Crossroads? Aidan Mc Nally (Book Review #578)

17 & life is a memoir written by Aidan Mc Nally describing his life at the age of 15- 17 – 18 and everything he goes through from that age onwards. His story is filled with ups and down including jail experience, facing important decisions and growing up as a teenager.

Aidan is an active, daring young boy stepping the tip of his toes into a world filled with adventure, dare, and many opportunities to grasp. I found the work to be reflective of what any teenager may go through and would be useful for someone that would like to know that they are not facing the world alone.


The literature was easy to read and to understand. Everything followed by his emotions, expressions and descriptive writing could clearly state the impact Aidan took in his life from the incidents that happened to him.


I recommend this book to people who like to read memoirs and enjoy teen subject matters.


Written by Jeyran Main

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