Love, War, Glory by Denis Akinmolasire (Book Review #577)

Love war glory is a poetry, short essay book written with care and divided into four sections, love, war, glory, and life stories. Each chapter contained a combination of poems and short essay writings regarding the title. The literature was lyrical and had a descriptive nature to it. I did not see it as a self-help book but the content did sound similar to inspirational material.

All three concepts were discussed and presented by the author in various forms of poems. Some of them were truly touching and beautiful to read. Others were thought-provoking and encouraging.


The book is divided into segments which is suitable for people who like to come back and read more of the work. I particularly enjoyed the glory, life story section of the book. It had a more modern and everyday feel to do it. At one point the author begins to ask the question of what really matters? I believe that fragment was well written and it did provide something for everyone.


As the book was prominently focused on poems, I believe this work would work well for people who like art and poetry. The quality of the work is suitable for readers that enjoy a light read.


Written by Jeyran Main


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