Fables that give children guidelines for life by Christy Astremsky


Fables that give children guidelines for life by Christy Astremsky


I used to write when I was young. I wrote poems and essays, writing made me happy.

And then I grew up and stopped writing. I got a degree in finance and started working at the bank. That job paid my bills, provided career opportunities but it wasn’t making me happy.

At the age of 25, I stopped working and devoted myself to my family, kids, and home.

Once we all went on a family vacation. We were in a beautiful place by the ocean where I was able to forget about my daily worries and concerns. One time I was just seating on the beach enjoying the ocean view. There were lots of seagulls flying above the waves. I was looking at them and suddenly I thought about a seagull who got caught in a bad storm. The scared bird was able to find shelter in the cave but after the storm was gone, his fear was still there, and the seagull wasn’t feeling as free as before …

I immediately took out a notepad and a pencil and started writing. The lines and rhymes came together into a fable about a fainthearted seagull who traded his freedom for the safe but dull life with no excitement or adventures.

I wrote that fable literally in thirty minutes. I remember seating on the beach and re-reading it several times in amazement. I hadn’t written anything in 15 years and suddenly – a fable!

The next day I wrote another fable, and then another one, and another one. I showed them to some friends and got good feedback. I thought to myself, “Why don’t I publish those fables in a book for children?” Each one of them has a good message and it is communicated with simple rhymes. Familiar animals and birds play the parts of good and bad characters. Kids will be able to learn important lessons about life easily through those funny, simple stories.

Unfortunately, my then husband didn’t support the idea of publishing my book, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it on my own. Once again, I stopped writing and immersed myself in daily life.

Six years ago things have drastically changed. Difficult divorce almost broke me, but the man I loved was by my side and provided me with support when I needed it the most. Later he became my husband and we have been together for five years now.

My husband Alexander Astremsky is a talented writer and a savvy businessman. We co-author books and write separately as well. He has his own creative projects, and I have mine. Of course, when Alexander read my fables, he said that we must publish them. He also found an artist to illustrate the stories and breath the life into my characters. As soon as the pictures were ready, we published the first book.

At the beginning of 2019, our first collection The Swallows got published on Amazon. Just recently we published the second collection there as well – The Parrot, and right now we are working on the third one, it’s going to be called The Lion.

You can read all the published fables on our website and also buy them on Amazon in a paperback or Kindle edition.

Alexander and I are also working together on the literary fiction series The IntangibleWorld that is going to be published on Amazon this late spring.

We live in difficult times. Our children grow up in a world full of temptations and traps. It is hard for them to navigate the flood of information where intelligent and kind words get easily lost. It is more and more difficult for our children to recognize the truth under the giant layers of false or simply unnecessary information.

My mission is to explain to children the simple truths of life: what is right and wrong, loyalty and betrayal, honesty and deceit. I want to give them valuable data that are going to push away all the other information “noise.” I want my work to help children get real guidance that will help them be happy and do better in life.

Written by Christy Astremsky




Author Bio:

I am an author, and it is my true calling in life. After school, I got a degree in finance and worked at a bank for about 8 years. However, I gave up my financial career because I wasn’t getting personal satisfaction from that work. In my youth I enjoyed creative writing, it was something that made me happy. Due to various circumstances, I started writing professionally only five years ago. I have a family and two kids – a son and a daughter who are also growing up to be creative individuals. I think art and creativity are what makes any person truly happy. Whatever your profession is, whether you bake bread, build houses or manage a business – creativity is part of every occupation. Each of us is an artist!




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