Immortal by Nick Lloyd (Book Review #582)

Immortal is a science fiction book. The story is about aliens contacting earth and letting them know that they are in danger. In order to live, they need to comply with the aliens; however trust is an issue, and no one is really sure about the authenticity of things. Francis Mckenzie is in charge and orders everyone to conform. Everyone working for him has 164 days in order to prepare to protect, and that is when the story begins to take an interesting turn.

Alongside the drama with high tech facilities, discussing personal data remaining private, and people’s integrity being questioned it was apparent to see a small love interest as well with Sam and two other potential admirers. I found the story to be very thought-provoking and intriguing. There was a lot of suspense and questions that needed answering as you read along. Many loopholes needed to be filled, and I believe the author managed to pull everything together in a neat way.


The literature was filled with science fiction content. It needed proofreading; however, the mistakes weren’t that eye bothering to take away from experience. What I believe made this story different was it being relatable to our modern living today. We exchange and provide much information as a result of trusting organization who claim to protect us; however, what really happens with that information is beyond our knowledge, and that really does need to be spoken about.


I recommend this novel to people who like to read about alien stories and are science fiction fans.


Written by Jeyran Main

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