Always Gray in Winter by Mark J. Engels (Book Review #583)

Always gray in winter is a science fiction story. The story is short, however, filled with paranormal activity, is action-packed and contains strong military flavor. A shapeshifter is a form of werecats dominating the formula of the plot. Pawly is Polish American and has eyes for Lenny a German American. Pawly is a were lynx superhero and is in a fight with Mawro, a werecat. Mawro is nothing but trouble, a North Korean scientist that has shapeshifting powers.

The work is filled with abbreviations, complex storyline content, and many names to remember. For me, it was not as easy to follow through, but I am sure someone who is a fan would have found it to be effortless to comprehend.


The literature was written very well. It contained many layered plots intertwined together, creating a multi-diverse state of a fascinated storyline. The ancient were cat clan are designed in a modern way, and with just short of 200 pages managed to keep a steady plot keeping the reader intrigued.


I think what stood out most to me was the thought that went through creating the werecats. This large cast of cats was converging on a device that had to with their affliction. Since this item is a hot commodity, the story mostly revolves around everyone wanting their hands on it.


I recommend this book to sci-fi fans and people who like to read on shapeshifters.


Written by Jeyran Main

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