Bringing Down the House: Book Launch at Home by Pamela Becker  

Bringing Down the House: Book Launch at Home by Pamela Becker

“What kind of party are you going to have?” a friend asked. It hadn’t occurred to me to make a party. But she was right. Publishing my first novel Memoirs of a False Messiah was definitely worth celebrating. So I ordered 50 author copies of my novel, set up an event page on Facebook, booked some catering, and bought lots to drink. I picked out a red dress that matched the dress my main character is wearing on the cover.

Launch day came. Anyone who honored me by coming received (if they wanted) a copy of the book with a personal inscription. I sat at the kitchen island and signed them like love letters in book after book.

My husband nudged me – it was time for me to say something. So I thanked everyone for coming and read chapter five, a  flashback of the main character’s childhood visit with her mother at the hospital psych ward – a chapter that was both touching and intriguing (I hoped) but did not contain any spoilers.

The crowd stood quietly as I read and clapped when I finished. I raised my eyes from my book and saw my five teenagers hovering. “We also want to say something,” the oldest said.  The two oldest spoke. They are both 18, finishing high school, and facing uncertainty regarding where they will find themselves next year and the firsts of many life-shaping decisions.

Publishing this novel has been a dream for over two decades but it was never the right time. School. Work. Kids. Dyslexia. ADHD. Gymnastics. Math lessons. Drums. There was always someone or something that needed attention.

As the years passed, the kids grew into self-reliant, responsible teenagers. They needed me less.

Meanwhile, at work, rumors were flying. The company was struggling. The CEO took the difficult decision to sell. I was out of a job, but my terms for leaving were good.  Finally, the time was right to publish my debut novel.

The teenagers stood in front of our friends and family and spoke about watching their mom make a dream come true. And that it inspired them.

Of course, that brought down the house. My novel, Memoirs of a False Messiah is a great read (I’m told…I hope you will read and enjoy it), and I am thrilled to death that it is finally in the public sphere. But the kids…my kids are awesome.

Written by Pamela Becker

Author Biography:

Memoirs of a False Messiah is my debut novel. In addition to raising 5 kids, I’ve enjoyed a long career as a marketing executive for tech companies and am the co-founder and chairperson of the Israeli charity Jeremy’s Circle. I’d love to connect with readers, reviewers and other authors on GoodreadsInstagramTwitter, and on my website Pamunications.


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