Glory Bishop by Deborah King (Book Review #611)

Glory Bishop is a contemporary fiction about a girl named Glory. She lives with her mom and is in love with JT. Her life is great, but she has a very controlling mother. When JT leaves to join the navy, things become harder for Glory, and her mother’s abusive nature heightens to a point where it clouds Glory’s judgment. A dashing Malcolm comes into the picture and creates a dynamic situation for this teenage girl. He isn’t as nice as he seems, but it is Glory who has to decide if she should wait for JT or go with Glory.

I found the story to be slow paced. The literature was brilliantly crafted and described many terms of abuse, which was interesting to read. The protagonist especially was a thought-provoking person.  Her personality was very vulnerable, and this drew the care and love of the reader towards her, not wanting anyone to take advantage of her. As a 17-year-old, Glory behaved differently towards her encounters. This made everything unpredictable and increased the nature of integument over what’s to come.


The content also covered religion, but not that did not take away from the storyline or dominate it. The ending of the book made me ponder, and I would caution anyone reading the text as it does have sexual content and abusive nature of the conduct.


I recommend this book to contemporary readers and people who like to read a woman’s literature.


Written by Jeyran Main


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