Godless by A’alia Zealous (Book Review #612)

Godless is a dark fantasy/sci-fi story about a world where everything is created and dies through the same womb. Mallory has been responsible for making this happen but has had enough and no longer wants to do it. The journey begins when Khalida who has nightmares dreams about Mallory, and she tells her to follow the melody. When Khalida is kidnapped, she goes under some mental experimentation where it guides her to find the Soul of the Universe.

The Godless takes you on a descriptive journey in a fantasy world where the reader is taken through a diverse set of characters, events, and dilemma. The pace of the story was steady, and the only thing I would have possibly liked more would have been a more substantial foundation for the backstory. This, of course, didn’t take away from experience but, could have made it more fulfilling.


I particularly enjoyed the character development and how the protagonist’s personality grew with the decisions she had to make, encounters she had and the dilemmas she was put through.


I recommend this story to fantasy readers and people who enjoy sci-fi stories.


Written by Jeyran Main

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