Two if by Dark Reverie – Part I (Worlds Beyond Scripture, #3) by Byron Fortin (Book Review #624)

Two if is a dark fantasy story written about Ambrosia waking up in a new world without knowing how he even got there. Natural disasters have destroyed the world, and Hartland is filled with murders and missing people. Chaos is everywhere, and he continually experiences flashbacks, scenes that make no sense. Answers are what he seeks, and with that, the journey begins.

There are four books for the worlds beyond scripture series. After reading book one, I was expecting the same quality literature and format of storytelling from the author. He did not disappoint in delivering. Ambrosia’s personality remained the same, and the descriptive writing was just as good.


For anyone who wishes to indulge in the series, I would recommend them starting from the beginning. Although many parts are explained, I believe it would be better this way.


The pace of the story was admirable as it truly engaged the reader and based on the content and situation, provided continuous desire in wanting to know more.


The story would be suitable for urban fantasy and dark fantasy readers.


Written by Jeyran Main


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