James Clyde and the Diamonds of Orchestra by Colin McElwain (Book Review #630)

James Clyde and the diamonds of Orchestra is the story about finding the truth. James was dropped off at a children’s home when he was just a child by his grandpa. Eleven years later, he begins to look for answers, but before he does, his grandfather gives him a diamond of Orchestra.

The diamond possesses powers that need protecting. That is when James and his friends take on the journey escaping from a man dressed in black.


I found the story to be more suitable for children aged between 12-15. The fantasy story contained dialogue that was appropriate for that age. James is keen and just so well headed, and it was effortless to relate and feel a connection to him; however, Ben and Mary, not so much.


There was definite room for improvement. A stronger backstory and foundation, for example, could have provided a better means to connect all the sideline stories that were embedded in the plot.


The literature was well-paced, and the fantasy world was descriptive. I believe anyone who is looking for an ideal book for their child would enjoy this one.


Written by Jeyran Main


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