Delivering Virtue: A Dark Comedy Adventure of the West (The Epic of Didier Rain Book 1) by Brian Kindall (Book Review #631)

Delivering Virtue is a historical fiction about Didier Rain. He is chosen by the Church of the restructured to fulfill a Holy Prophecy; however, Didier is not your average hero. He is given a mission to deliver a blue-eyed child, Virtue to the Prophets as a bride to be, and on the way, he has a few hurdles to deal with.

Rain is given a goat for milk and has to learn how to take care of a baby traveling through harsh conditions, and in return, he is to be rewarded with money.


This is the first book of its series, and yet it delivered so much content and had a strong foundation. The story is set in 1854 and was filled with historical references. The main character was fascinating. His personality was not something you would like at first but grew on you as you read along.


The literature was written with a detailed description. The journey Didier and the little girl take is filled with horrors, and yet the author still manages to keep it light and add humorous content keeping the story intriguing to read.

I believe the book suits people who are interested in horror, dark comedy, and historical tales.


Written by Jeyran Main

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