Hammer of God by Aria Ligi (Book Review #638)

Hammer of God is a collection of poems written with a classical theme. The work discusses religion, modern-day issues, and spiritual diversity.

A good poet, in my opinion, is one that can express their view and voice by writing poems. If they achieve this goal, then they have accomplished a great thing. In this book, the author portrays a rhythmic sound of divinity. The work is modern and contains mixed concepts such as history, violence, and spirituality.


I particularly enjoyed the poem titled ‘blackened at birth”. I embraced it as a growth experience and a mark for diversity.


The literature was smooth, easy to read, and enjoyable to comprehend. Altogether, the work was admirable, and I would recommend it to people to enjoy reading contemporary style poems.


Written by Jeyran Main

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6 Comments on “Hammer of God by Aria Ligi (Book Review #638)

    • Aria Ligi has revivified the dream-scape of ancestral voices, in a druidic, shamanistic tradition in a flesh-and-blood transfiguration, a reification of life at once contemporaneous: a timely parallel with history brought into being with great élan.
      She achieves this by utilising a polyphonic musicality eliciting hypnogogic images in a corybantic Athenian style, harking back to the very birth of poetry,
      in a Dionysian sacrificial, ritualistic mode, expressing authenticity through utter belief in emotive synthesis, a virtual world, a multiverse.

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