Navigate Life with Dreams by Linda Tang (Book Review #641)

Navigate life with dreams is a self- help book based on the latest science on dreaming and the psychology of dreams, Bei Linda Tang draws parallels between real dreams and true stories from her life to highlight the role of dreams in providing free and personalized mental health solutions and transform interpersonal relationships. She shares practical tips on how to interpret dreams, how to work with them to overcome negative emotions, and how to use them to deepen connections with others.

The work involves the role of dreams, the science behind it and how one could interpret them by connecting what is seen. While the book is just over 200 pages it contained a well informative amount of content explaining the concept.


I found the literature to be well organized and put together. It was easy to read and understand. Beside sleep interpretation, the book weaves together an amazing variety of literary genres and does so in a way that brings a distinctive, magical touch to each one.


I would recommend this book to people who like to read about dreams, self-help books and wish to know more about dream psychology.


Written by Jeyran Main


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