From Foster Care to Millionaire: A Young Entrepreneur’s Story of Tragedy and Triumph by Cody McLain (Book Review #639)

From foster care to millionaire is a self-help book informing the reader about a lifetime of struggle and failures in order for Cody Mclain to become successful and confident. His business is built on the backbones of a man whose life has not been easy yet; he somehow manages to plan against the odds and prove everyone wrong.

I particularly enjoyed realizing that Cody came from foster care and was now running a million-dollar company. I know for a fact how children coming from foster care barely make it. To tell that Cody had such a tough start was admirable.


The best and most significant gift in life is for us to realize the potential we have and what we can make with that. The learned lesson is the strength and consistent attempt to make something of yourself, search for a purpose, and inspire yourself to be better.


I believe this book would suit anyone that is looking for inspiration and wants to make a difference in their life.


Written by Jeyran Main

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