Hidden Scales by A. M. Robin (Book Review #644)

Hidden scales is book one of its series. It is a children’s book based on a fantasy, sword, and sorcery storyline focused on a girl named Mira. She is only eleven and encounters some water creatures called Merrows, which are supposed to be extinct. As she accidentally triggers a curse, she has to run away with her friend, Peter before being captured by spies in order to find out what she has discovered.

With a mixture of fantasy, fairytale, magic, and mythical creatures, the literature takes you on a wild adventure galivanting through different scenarios and quests.


The pace of the story was steady. Mira had a solid relationship with Peter and their friendship, dialogue, interactions were well suited to the specific genre, and age was chosen for the book.


I believe that a reputable source of fun, adventure, and educative material are what makes a children’s book worth purchasing, and this book hit all three.


Everything about the content was written with care. I found the work to be well put together and would recommend it for parents and children that like to read fantasy, sea creature stories.


Written by Jeyran Main


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