Divinity Falling by Nour Zikra (Book Review #643)

Divinity falling is a dark fantasy novel written about Addy. Her brother, Reed disappears after Adriel, a strange man with peculiar burned marks shows up in her life. Lucifer captures Reed, the angel of hell but Addy is not convinced and believes the disappearance has something to do with Adriel.

Lucifer gives Addy a task to accomplish. She has to follow the orders delivered; otherwise, Reed’s life is at risk. What is her mission? To destroy heaven by waging war using demon turned humans.


The story reminded me of the famous television series titled ‘Lucifer.’ Although the storyline was slightly different, however, the concept of him being the God of hell and his character personality was similar.


I mainly found the cover to be very intriguing. The devilish wings, feathers, the moon were all very well put together. The pace of the story was steady, and the lead character had a strong personality that worked well with the dilemma in the storyline.


I recommend this book to dark fantasy readers.


Written by Jeyran Main

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