The Night Is Far Gone by Tim Jorgenson (Book Review #670)

The night is far gone represents the time frame when the Romanov fell during the Russian revolution. The historical fiction is set in 1912 and provides a detailed explanation of what the Russian Monarchy went through with Rasputin.

We have all mostly read or seen the movies made about how the imperial family seeks help for the health of their youngest heir and how Rasputin saves the boy and ultimately becomes the reason for the monarchies fall.


I loved reading about the relationship between Alexander and Nicholas 11. I could understand why they wanted to hide their son’s illness and why it was hard for Nicholas to trust Rasputin. The dynamic of the tale has always been a fascinating subject to read for me.


The literature was well written and explained. The pace was steady, and the detailed descriptive nature of the storyline allowed the reader to imagine the scenes happening visually.


I was not a big fan of the cover, but since the content was rich, it did not put off as much.

I would recommend this book to people who like to read on the Russian monarchy and the Romanov family.

Written by Jeyran Main


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