Never stop dancing by John Robinette and Robert Jacoby (Book Review #696)

Never stop dancing is a Memoir. The book is written about grief, friendships and love. The loss of John’s wife is the prominent and most impactful part of the content. The loss truly moves his home and world, and as he grieves over the absence of his wife, he raises two young boys. Robert, who is John’s friend, interviews him for the first year, and the book becomes a back and forth dialogue of memories retold by him.


The literature is a good representation of the struggles people go through after a loss. Counselling and psychology are the essences of the story. John’s wife, Amy, dies from a sudden pedestrian accident leaving questions in John’s mind about life, death and the true meaning of existence.


The book is not religious but does touch spiritual matters. Anyone who is going through a loss and grief would find this book interested. The book is compelling and allows the reader to know that it is good to have a friend when you are struggling to deal with specific issues that hurt the mind and the soul.


Written by Jeyran Main


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One Comment on “Never stop dancing by John Robinette and Robert Jacoby (Book Review #696)

  1. Agreed–excellent book. Having experienced the loss of a loved one at an early age (sibling), I could feel the sadness and grief described. Robinette and Jacoby are both excellent writers–this was a page turner for me.

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